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Most business owners place social media marketing in the back burner and consider it as an afterthought. There is always something more important to do.

The truth is, social media is now more than just a platform that allows you to reconnect with old friends. It’s now a channel for building your reputation, attracting prospects, and engaging your existing customers.

In fact, an active social media presence can help your business remain relevant in a saturated market. About 71% of businesses in the US now have Facebook presence, while 59% turn to Twitter. What’s more, two in every three adults use social media, and in a day,Facebook sees more than 300 million unique visits.

These numbers suggest that if you’re not on Facebook, you lose the opportunity to show your edge over competition and to reach out to more potential customers.

Get in Front LLC provides social media services that strategically combine branded content and paid advertising. We get to know your brand to come up with a highly targeted campaign and tailored messaging. We present your brand on social media as an ally, a trusted resource that can help potential customers solve their problems.

As a digital marketing agency that has years of social media experience, we are at a unique position to create a strong social media marketing strategy for you. Whether you need a full suite of solutions or ala carte services that extend your existing capabilities, we are the agency for you.

How Your SME Can Benefit From Social Media Marketing

Today’s social media-savvy generation has long ditched phonebooks and directories. Your prospects now use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find the business or service they need.

A solid social media marketing campaign helps businesses reach more customers. Social media ads and posts now function like virtual flyers and newspaper ads. They build awareness of your brand and help your business form recall among new potential customers.

What’s more, as search engines become smarter, it becomes easier for them to tell which websites float like dead fish and which ones really earn traffic. By building a social media strategy that supports your SEO efforts, you get to earn the trust of search engines, and ultimately, be on top of search rankings faster.

Go Social with Get in Front LLC

Get in Front LLC goes beyond simply publishing content on your social media accounts. We create tailored messaging that lets your prospects feels as if they’re just in a conversation with a good friend. We listen to what your customers say and tune in to weak signals to make sure we come up with posts that truly appeal to your followers.

We analyze your audience and the nature of your business, to determine the rightplatform for your brand.As our social media managers know how to navigate and every social media platform available, you can count on us to maximize the chosen platform. We publish engaging content and implement tent-pole campaigns that create buzz, maximize paid ad, and expand your network and reach.

Get in Front Today!

Ready to be in front of your prospects? We’ll work with you in creating a digital marketing plan that boosts your brand’s online visibility. Contact us for a free quote or site audit!

Get in Front LLC is a digital marketing agency that provides solutions that specifically address the needs of SMEs. Our digital marketing experts maximize SEO to grow and scale up your business.

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